Wednesday, 3 November 2010


I've been asked "how do you like living in Cheyenne?" I must say, the thing that has stood out the most about moving here is not the relentless wind, nor the fact that the day's high temperature dropped 30+ degrees from the delicious autumn Texas weather, but how nice the people are. In my experience, Texas has always had the friendliest, most considerate population of any place I ever lived. You can strike up a conversation in the line of a grocery store with a complete stranger and it not be weird. Here, the people are not just nice, they are also helpful and warm and friendly and welcoming. It's almost creepy; like Stepford Citizens or something. We're basking in their old time hospitality.

That job thing? Still waiting. Now it's possible that The Job will take us eventually to Virginia, but we are hoping that Divine Intervention will intercede on our behalf and we will be able to go back and live in the Second Friendliest State EVER. If they'll have us, now that I've downgraded the Friendly Quotient of the entire population of the second largest state in America.

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  1. So glad you're enjoying it, Patti! Still praying on the job front for you all!