Saturday, 29 August 2009

Blurred Gender Lines

We spent a month in Wyoming this summer frolicking in their ever so do-able 80 degree heat while our fellow Texans wilted during 40 consecutive days of 100+ temperatures.

Before heading back to the scorched lands of Texas, I bribed the children with $1 each to spend at Dollar General if they behaved while I shopped at a department store. When we finally arrived at that promised dollar Mecca, we wandered up one treasure filled aisle and down another as the children clutched their money tightly and contemplated how they could possibly choose only one item from that spectacular establishment.

Having seen all that China had to offer, Hannah decided on a realistic looking plastic cockroach invisibly connected to fishing line that you could pull across the floor to frighten the unsuspecting. Logan couldn't seem to find the perfect item until the end when he saw something wonderful. Something so amazing he literally shouted for joy at the very sight of it. He called for me to come witness this incredible find. I am sure you are dying to know what could cause my rough and tumble five year old son such euphoria in order that you might buy one for the little boy in your life, aren't you? It was a baby doll. A sweet, soft bodied, plastic headed baby that he cradled lovingly to his heart.

So Hannah bought her cockroach and Logan bought his baby; neither one questioning the gender lines they had just kicked to the curb.