Saturday, 13 November 2010


I am the most wonderful, lovely, enchanting person in the whole world, just ask my six-year-old son. If you don't already have an enamored fan, get one. It's quite intoxicating, I highly recommend it.

The other day, my little admirer whispered, "I WISH you were my age." I assured him how much I would like being in his class and playing together at recess. I saw the dreamy expression as he envisioned this idyllic world. then asked him, "What if the other kids started teasing you and saying I was your girlfriend?" The cow eyes disappeared instantly and he bared his teeth and furrowed his brow in a very fierce game face. I imagined he was going to defend my honor and challenge anyone who would dare tease us. Through clenched teeth he vowed, "If they did, I wouldn't play with you anymore!"

Good to know my limitations.

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  1. HA HA! After he said he loved you SO many times, he said he would NOT play with you if someone teased him, and NOT beat up anyone who teased his mommy! Oh, the love between sons and mothers.....