Sunday, 25 April 2010

Awesome Transformers

Before I forget, I need to tell you about Logan's latest super hero obsession. Those of us in the Circle of Trust know that when he was 4, it was Spider Man. When he turned 5, it was Ironman. Then came Bumblebee from the Transformers. Just recently, he is all about the Transformer's 'bot in charge. Who might that be, you ask? Some of you Transformer buffs might incorrectly think you know that answer to be Optimus Prime. I can understand your confusion, as six months ago, Logan too was under the impression that the head autobot's name was "Officer" Prime. Now that he is almost 6 years old and knows WAY more words, he realizes that the name has actually been "Awesomous" Prime all along. Now you no longer need call him by the wrong name any further...You're welcome.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

HRH's New Subject

Have you ever tried to explain the time continuum to a child? If you have, you'll know it's on the far side of impossible to do with any kind of elegance. Logan has been asking about our upcoming trip to England. It's still three weeks away, which to a 5 year old is equivalent to the better half an eon. He also insists upon using the phrase, "the other day" which like the word "aloha" can mean any number of things, such as "tomorrow" or "yesterday" or "a long time ago", casting further shadows on the already nebulous determination of exactly when something will transpire. Here's how our most recent Pending Vacation conversation went down:

LOGAN: When we ah goin' to Englin?
ME: In May (thankfully, now Logan knows the months of the year, a real asset when trying to convey, with exactness, when an event will take place)
LOGAN: The other day? (hmm. I guess knowing the months of the year didn't help as much as I had anticipated)
ME: No, in three weeks (To further clarify, I sing the days of the week song, 3 times in a row, to the tune of "Macarena")
HANNAH: Am I going to be in England for my birthday?
ME: No, we'll be home by then.
LOGAN: (whining): NO! I want stay to Englin fo' EVoh
ME: We can't because we don't have a job there
LOGAN: (stubbornly): Well I juss gonna stay. I no come back!

So, not only did I fail to answer the question satisfactorily, I also incited my child to seek asylum in a foreign land. He's a small boy, I doubt Her Majesty will ever notice us leaving her lovely island country minus one child.