Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The Cabin Story

I don't even know where to begin the explanation of how our family moved from our modest 3 bedroom home into a cozy 1 bedroom vacation cabin. "Cozy" is a word the British use when describing extremely cramped living conditions. It sounds so much nicer than "confining" doesn't it? Here it is in a nutshell: we sold our home and the job we were waiting on wouldn't be available for some time, so we had an interim period of about a month with the question, "What to do?" The options were, drive 1,000 miles to Wyoming and wait for the job to come available in Texas so we could drive back, or rent a furnished place in Texas and wait. We opted for wait.

Our new abode was a one bedroom cabin with bunk beds in the same room as the kitchen/dining room. We were ecstatic to find there was one dresser and a very small closet as well. It was actually a real blessing that this particular unit became available the day before we needed it because most of the "cabins" are studio apartments with no separate bedroom like this expansive floor plan offered.

Here a few things I learned...
-Cooking must be kept to a minimum as the smell of your dinner will greet you at breakfast.
-Locking the bathroom door during your shower is no longer a viable option unless you want to clean up the aftermath.
-You can't sneak a bowl of ice cream after putting the kids to bed, as they are only 2 feet away from the freezer.
-Free wireless internet is not a good medium for watching Netflix instant downloads.
-Fleas and mosquitos love the great outdoors and those who live in it.

I have to mention this one quirky thing about our cabin. On the bedroom ceiling, there was a perfect glow-in-the-dark mural of the night sky. It wasn't those cheesy little stick on stars. This constellation wasn't even visible in the daytime. It was a startling, amazing wonder when we turned out the lights in our "master suite";the ceiling disappeared and the Milky Way and Big Dipper appeared. It was SO impressive, I have to give you the link so maybe you can get a feel for how wonderous it was:

So I'm sure you're wondering what happened next. The contract we were waiting to go through was delayed. After a month, we had to pack our remaining things into our 4 door sedan and drive 1,000 miles to Cheyenne, Wyoming where Dan's mom lives. Here we are STILL waiting for the job to materialize. Sheer madness.

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