Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Do you remember that wonderful sense of heady intoxication you felt experiencing some of life's simplest pleasures? You know, like getting to stay up late on a dusky summer night chasing fireflies, or that amazing sense of wonder and excitement at the sight of your Christmas tree all lit up? Tonight, a glimmer of that magical anticipation resurfaced when I was fortunate enough to hear Hannah excitedly confide to her brother that she was planning to be a vampire for Halloween, a scant 179 days from now (I know, it totally snuck up on me, too)! Not one to be caught unprepared, Logan promptly responded, "I going be a peh-wit." Following this, um, unusual announcement, he added the following codicil: "A good peh-wit." So that evil parrot Halloween outfit that immediately popped into your head when he first mentioned his costume choice...forget about it.