Thursday, 19 August 2010

Asphalt Surfing

Dan has started running in the mornings before the day's high causes the ground to spontaneously combust and/or the humidity requires one to don an underwater breathing apparatus. Hannah has wanted to go with him and actually awoke him (and thereby, ME) the other morning at 4 am, dressed and ready to go. That is an error she will not likely make again, to be sure.

This morning, at a MUCH more civilized hour, Dan was ready to go for his run and both children wanted to tag along; Hannah on foot and Logan on bicycle. When Logan arrived home, he looked like he had been in a brawl. He explained the brakes hadn't worked on his bicycle and so he tried to stop himself using his feet, but it was too late (an investigation into pilot error is pending). Dan and Hannah arrived a little later and filled in the details:

It all started well enough as Logan impressed Dan by riding his bicycle safely down the frighteningly steep 11% grade road without incident. They arrived to the park where a nice, sedate pedestrian trail meanders between fields and mature trees. Dan felt this would be a good place for him to have a run, as the park is closed to traffic and no one else was there. He took off and Logan decided to keep up, engaging the turbo boosters on his Spider Man bike. At some point, he wiped out on the asphalt, totally compromising the money-maker. The bloody upper lip that swelled up quite dramatically as well as multiple abrasions on his face give him impressive looking street creds .

Oh, and today was Meet the Teacher Night at school...perfect timing.

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