Monday, 20 May 2013

Being Like Little Children

It was a  hot, sweltering Texas afternoon when our school held its carnival last week.  My booth was the Lollipop Tree. For two tickets, a child could choose a lolly and if the end of the stick had been colored red, he won a prize.   But if the chosen lollipop was not a winner, he got a small candy as a consolation prize and would get to keep the lollypop regardless.  The best kind of carnival game for a child!

Three adorable young siblings came to my booth early on.  Once they understood the game,  the six-year-old  sister would carefully give me  enough tickets so she and her little brothers could each have another chance to win.  I was friendly and encouraging as they would chose their lollipops.  I smiled and suggested they pick a flavor they liked; when they didn't "win" a prize, I reminded them to choose a candy from the bag.  Did I mention that the sun was relentless and there was absolutely no breeze or shade?  I could feel beads of sweat on my forehead and upper lip.  My cheeks were flushed and the wisps of hair that couldn't be snared into a pony tail were either sticking up crazily or plastered to my skull.  Any makeup that I had applied  twelve hours earlier was loooong gone.  I  turned to refill the lollipop tree, and the oldest of the trio lovingly said, "You're beautiful."  I was  ANYthing but beautiful at that moment, but her sincerity made me FEEL beautiful inside.

I want to be like that little one and share with others  the strength, or wit or wonder that I see in them, just as that little one showed me my inner beauty.

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