Monday, 8 April 2013

Reverse Telemarketing

A major TV cable company called last week and wanted to know if we would like to start paying them exorbitant monthly fees for a handful of channels that we'll actually watch in addition to several dozen that we'll never, EVER view.    I politely explained that until we get a choice of what is on our cable menu, we would respectfully decline at this time.  Until then, we'll satisfy ourselves with watching Netflix and Hulu.

"I completely understand," said the TV cable selling lady. "But what's Hulu?"

"Oh, you stream whatever you want from TV and watch it through Hulu."

"What ever you WANT?   How do you spell that?"

"H-U-L-U," I answered, as helpfully as possible.  "It's great, you should get it."

"Hmm.  I probably shouldn't be talking about this on the company phone.  Thank you, good-bye."

Dang,  I should have gotten her name so I could have used her as a referral and gotten 2 free weeks of Hulu!

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