Friday, 23 July 2010


I have another story I would like share in order to further embarrass my posterity.

If you'll remember in a previous post, Logan's super hero obsession includes Tony Starks' Iron Man. One day he decided to revisit that particular Marvel hero and asked that I play the DVD for him. Normally, we start the movie at Scene 4 in order to avoid the floozies, the drinking and a bit of the violence. As I was preparing to start the movie at the usual place, Logan objected saying, "Momma, Ah wan see da danseen." Moments passed as I ran that phrase through the Logan Decoder 2000....ok, found a feasible translation...I assured him that Iron Man had NO dancing in it, but he really insisted. To prove him wrong, I started the movie at the beginning and darn if there wasn't dancing!

The scene takes place in Tony Stark's private jet where he and Rhody, a bit toasted, talk business as the lovely young flight attendants danced for their arbitrary viewing pleasure.

Now I remember why we start at Scene 4...

When the movie progressed to the next scene, Logan requested that I rewind it to the "danseen" again. I'm sorry, but women dancing for the gratuitous indulgence of men is demeaning and not something I want to foster in our home, so I crashed his party and refused his enthusiastic pleas. When none of his entreaties would bend my unreasonable, fanatic, feminist will, he cried.

He was only five at the time.


  1. Poor Logan! He knows what he wants!

  2. Hannah was right ... hateful shrew... (joke!)