Sunday, 27 June 2010

Governor's Reprieve

Dan made some gorgeous baby back ribs for dinner last night. He smoked them flawlessly and added the perfect amount of barbecue sauce to make them moist but not unnecessarily sloppy. It's enough to make you salivate just looking at them, mmm-MMMM!

Our adventure began with us gorging ourselves shamelessly, licking fingers and methaphorically tossing the bones over our shoulders as we worked our way through several racks of ribs. That's when it happened. A very sneaky sneeze erupted out of Logan's meat filled mouth.

Dan was right in the trajectory's path.

It wasn't pretty.

Too late, I handed Logan a napkin. Dan was incensed at the total lack of common decency Logan exhibited by not covering his mouth. Just as The Lecture was about to commence, Logan wiped his face and said in a rather dazed manner, "I didn't see THAT coming..."

I hid my grin behind a hand. Dan looked at me incredulously, covering his new found mirth behind his napkin. Hannah, who has been schooled to not encourage her brother's bad behavior through laughter, watched us stifling our giggles with twinkling eyes and an almost straight face. Logan, noticing our silence, looked from face to face and realized he would not be walking the Green Mile that night. He laughed at us trying not to laugh at him--breaking the tension and sending us off into gales of laughter where only death and dismemberment had hung previously.

So Logan spat chewed food at his father and got off scott free.

Bet you didn't see that comin'...

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