Monday, 18 May 2009

La Familia Nostra

My oldest daughter, Michelle, is here with her little Jonathan, who just turned 2 in February. It's been so funny to see how my children interact with their little nephew. Logan gets all possessive about toys and things he cares nothing about and hasn’t EVER played with from the moment he ripped the packaging from them. Hannah became all antsy that little J was playing with her empty, plastic, unbreakable Easter eggs. She was worried because he was opening them and she was afraid they would all get lost. I pointed out we were in the house and if they got scattered, we'd just pick them up; looking for them like, well, like an Easter egg hunt. She gave me the look. You know the one I'm talkin' about--the classic, Daughter to Stupid Mother look.

Jonathan is little and so he is still very physical about expressing his heartfelt needs, a lot like Logan used to be up until about 3 weeks ago. If necessary the J Man will hit, pinch or pull hair to get what he sees as clearly and irrefutably his. Michelle consistantly encourages him to be nice and I keep assuring her that Logan used to be the same way so she doesn’t worry unduly. See, for the last 3 years, I’ve had to stay within arms reach of Logan for fear he would cause severe bodily harm to anyone who dared play with a toy he might eventually find interesting. Thankfully, now,when JJ hits him, Logan just comes to me and complains about it instead of clocking his 2 year old nephew.

Earlier this week, all the kids were goofing off together and somehow JJ stepped on Hannah's head and his shoe slid down her face and onto her ear. When Michelle and I arrived to the crime scene, Hannah began crying and holding her ear. I knelt at her side giving her the "Poor little bunny" routine while Michelle flew straight to JJ's side telling him to kiss Hannah and say he was sorry. JJ stood there looking down at Hannah writhing on the floor, crying and holding her ear, as mom and grandmom hovered at her side. So he did the only thing a guy could do in such a situation, he aimed his Power Ranger blaster at her and double tapped her between the eyes. I guess one day he’ll be a good veterinarian by the way he just assessed the situation and then lifted the toy gun to put her out of her misery, right? I'm thinking vet, not anything dark and sinister...You too, right?

Eventually, Michelle was able to coax Jonathan to kiss her and peace was restored…for the time being.

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