Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Being in middle school has been the social event of Hannah's LIFE.  She came in yesterday sighing with satisfaction at having had  such a really good day.  With a bit of nonchalant interrogation, she shared this story:

Upon being deposited at school, she exclaimed in a rather good English accent,  "Oh no! I've left my spectacles on the bus!"  Her friend Mikey repeated her, "She's left her testicles on the bus!" allegedly  mis-saying "spectacles." Hannah turned pink as she retold us the story, Logan and I laughed with her at his blunder; good times!

THEN, this morning, Logan reminded me about the story, "He said tentacles instead of spectacles!" he sniggered at the other fellow's unfortunate error.

I guess "testicles" has not been one of his vocabulary words in third grade yet, so "tentacles" will have to suffice.

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