Thursday, 8 March 2012

Unabashed Plagiarism

I've really been trying to find something to write about, but we have no entertaining stories to share. I blame the children. They're not trying hard enough to amuse me. Lucky for you, Hannah's teacher had the class write letters from the point of view of a fairy tale character back in January, so I'm just going to pass Hannah's writing along as my post.

Dear Granny and Red,
I am the wolf that ate Granny and I have a few things to say. First of all, I have a name. It is Winston, not "The Wolf". Also, I was extremely hungry that day, and you Red, took a perfectly good meal away.
Another thing, was it really necessary to bring the rocks into the whole process? I mean it's bad enough you had to give me SURGERY without an ANESTETIC. But filling me up with rocks? Really?! Do you realize how LONG it takes to DIGEST those things?! You could have just told me about the burger joint 3 blocks away. I didn't even know it exsisted until I fell into the river, then a passing turtle family (the same ones who rescued me, mind you) told me about it. But after surgery by non-certified doctors, half drowning, and being dissed by a FISH, I wasn't in the mood for a burger. So next time you see a hungry wolf, just tell him about that joint. Saves a lot of trouble.


Winston the Wolf

The first time I read it, I was subbing at the kids' school and Hannah's teacher let me have a sneak peek. She showed me two other of her "top" stories and of course, my daughter's was the most cleverly written. Unfortunately, the teacher didn't post the grade on it nor leave any remarks. I leave that for you to do in the comments section:


  1. You have a writer on your hands. I would NEVER have written something so funny! To me, it's way above her grade level to be writing something like that. The apple doesn't fall far, momma!

  2. Oh my word, she's a genius. I'm seriously SERIOUSLY impressed. I had to keep reading the explanation before because I thought that maybe the teacher had written it as an example.

    Seriously good.