Friday, 10 June 2011

It Runs in the Family

Several years ago, Oprah featured a guest who had some sort of facial recognition problem. She couldn't even identify the people in her workplace. She compensated by memorizing their wardrobes and learning their gaits so when they passed her, she would know who it was. It's called prosopagnosia.

I think I have it.

I've always suspected I was a bit off, but after having introduced myself to Tina in England one day, I consistently walked right past her when we happened to be at school picking up our respective kids. She couldn't understand how I could be so friendly when visiting at her house and an Ice Witch in public. I swear, I just didn't see her! She was confident I was some sort of lunatic whose meds needed a radical overhaul. When I finally explained my dilemma, she jokingly suggested that I have all my new friends wear a little red bow in their hair so I could recognize them...sheer genius.

Yesterday at the grocery store, Hannah walked right past me. I'm thinking of getting a little red bow for my hair.


  1. I check this everyday - your writing is very funny and I have missed it. One day we should compare notes on how our last years have gone. Admittedly yours sounds worse.

  2. Yeah, I remember those early days... calling home to tell my friends and family that no I hadn't made any friends yet, but this crazy woman did introduce herself and then rudely ignore me ;-)

  3. yeah and here's the kicker...I was LOOKING for you and disappointed that you weren't there when I was. It was much easier to pick you out in a crowd when you were IN your home!