Sunday, 2 January 2011

English, revised

One of the bonuses of teaching my children to talk has been having a front row seat when they mangle the language. Am I the only parent who is completely enchanted with their original ways to say tired old words? I know it is my duty to gently correct these errors, but I truly dread the day when my kids no longer add their personal flair to the language and join the rest of us in the conventional (read "boring") way of expression.

Currently, we are graced with hearing Logan bless the shoulders each night it is his turn to pray for our troops' safe return. He stubbornly insists that skaBETTY is his favorite dinner and he'll sometimes even tell us of his might-nairs if he has had a particularly scary dream. We've recently been reading from the Book of Mormon of an evening, and sometimes, he'll need help finding his schrich-pers so he can read along with us.

I revel in the eccentricity of these errors and I'm almost certain that doesn't make me a bad person.


  1. Olivia still says "Glampet" because Maureen refuses to let us correct her.

  2. errrr....what's a "glampet"? Some sort of British dessert you enjoy with a cuppa tea? Or is that a crumpet?

  3. Glampet = Blanket - sorry I thought I had put the explanation in. Took me many tries to actually post the comment in the first place.