Saturday, 20 February 2010

Fair Share

At school, both kids eat lunch before noon, so when we picked them up at one to whisk them away to the San Antonio Zoo yesterday, they were near starvation by 4:30. In order to stave off the whininess and bickering that comes with low blood sugar, we bought the requisite $13 bag of popcorn and 12 oz drink to ward off certain death. Luckily, popcorn refills were $1, so we totally scored on THAT deal...

By the end of our second bag of popcorn, Logan, in his unique command of the language complained, "Mama, Hannah eat-uh alla pa-cone." so I tolda Hannah, "Hannah. Don'ta eat-ah alla pa-cone!" I looked down at Logan just then and noticed he had his two hands cupped together FILLED with popcorn; he quickly added with guileless blue eyes, "Also, I had some."

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